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Australian Bullion Company

This write up of the Australian Bullion Company explains who the Australian Bullion Company are and what gold and silver products they deal in. It is well worth reading before you buy gold from their website,

Note that it is always prudent to do your own due diligence before dealing with any gold dealer, and find out as much about them as possible.

Who are the Australian Bullion Company
The Australian Bullion Company are based in the center of Sydney, NSW, Australia and have been operating since 1977.

They sell mostly Australian Coins produced by the Perth and Australian Mints but also do an extensive range of diamond and precious metal Jewellery designed by Director Carol Murray.

There website,, has been online since April 2001.

Contact points are the Australian Bullion Company are Jane Simpson and Monika Mooney and are available by phone.

Customer Service at the Australian Bullion Company
Australian Bullion Company offer free storage and insurance for clients with precious metal accounts.

You can store your bullion and receive a proof of ownership receipt and it will be insured for replacement value. At 30th June and 31st December each year you receive an updated storage account with the corresponding market spot price for each metal held.

Products of the Australian Bullion Company
Australian Bullion Company are primary distributors of the Perth Mint and The Royal Australian Mint Although do deal in other gold and silver coins from time to time.

Here is a list of some of the gold, silver and platinum coins you can buy from the Australian Bullion Company.
Australian Gold Nugget Coin
Gold Bullion Collector Coin
Gold Bullion Investor Coins
Australian Lunar Gold Bullion Set

Australian Kookaburra Silver Bullion Coin
Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Set
Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Coins
Year of the Mouse Silver Coin Issue

Australian Koala Platinum Bullion Coins

Various other gold, silver and platinum Australian struck coins.
How to Buy Gold at the Australian Bullion Company
To buy gold or silver from the Australian Bullion Company, you will need to open an account. As is usual these days to do that you will need to provide sufficient proof of identity much as you would when opening a bank account.

A form is provided for this purpose on the website or, if you are in Sydney, NSW, Australia, you can call in at their offices in the City (Downtown) between 10am - 4pm, weekdays, for an up to the minute quote.

The Australian Bullion Company also provides a readily available buy-back service, and prides itself on giving the most competitive prices.

Once your account is opened you can buy or sell either at the offices or by phone. In each case, as soon as your order is placed it becomes a legally binding contract. Same day payment via cash or direct deposit to their accounts is required before delivery of the gold or silver bullion is undertaken.

If you’d like to take delivery of your metal, Australian Bullion Company charge a small barring fee will be charged, depending on the size of the bars.

Australian Bullion Company Payment Options
Account holders can simply phone Janie Simpson or Monika Mooney and place an order. It will be held free of charge, until you collect it, or for a small charge, can be shipped to you.

Payment can be by cash, EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale), Visa, MasterCard or Bankcard (+2% fee), or bank or by personal cheque.

Payment is expected to be received on the day of sale. Due to the volatility of the market, Australian Bullion Company do not accept orders through the website.

Last word on the Australian Bullion Company
Although Australian Bullion Company mainly provide Australian gold and silver bullion coins, they also market their own range of jewellery design and promote the corporate concept of innovative and memorable solutions for clients, employees, members, consumers and prizewinners.

They also have an extensive range of diamond and fine jewellery in their catalogue.

If you have bought any gold or silver bullion or even jewellery from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by

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